Greening Office Buildings
As a program participant, you can:
• Use the online Green Building Performance System to help maximize energy, water and emissions savings in your buildings
• Benchmark actual energy and water use against comparable commercial office buildings
• Engage your employees and stakeholders in the performance and progress of your buildings
• Access and contribute to performance standards, baselines and best practices for office buildings
• Make use of the Building Performance Audit to uncover conservation opportunities

Making Savings
  Savings 2018
(vs. 2017)
Savings Percent Savings 2018
(vs. 2016)
Savings Percent
Electricity 2,029 MWh 3.9 % 7,621 MWh 11.2 %
Demand 7 MW 6.2 % 8 MW 7.0 %
Thermal 629 eMWh 2.0 % (2,509) eMWh (6.5) %
Total energy 2,658 eMWh 3.2 % 5,112 eMWh 4.8 %
Water 14 10m3 8.0 % 22 10m3 11.9 %
Greenhouse gas emissions (CO2e) 277 tonnes (92) tonnes
Energy Cost Savings $ 440,926 $ 1,097,201
Not all participant buildings are reporting in all years or in all categories. Savings are reported on a net basis.
Results as of December 31, 2018
numbers in ( ) are increases
What's new?
GREEN UP participants have continued access to the system until the end of January 2013.
Using the system, you can view total carbon emissions for your organization and for each your participating buildings. Go to the Benchmark report and select Data type: GHG equivalent and Units: tonnes
  Bell Canada   Slate Asset Management
  Cadillac Fairview   Thunder Bay (City of)
  Crown Property Management
Total number of buildings: 82 Total area: 2,080,058 m2